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September Update

Announcements and Reminders

POOL PASSES: Please remember to pick up your pool passes by September 2nd. Our volunteers will have to reactivate all pool passes next year, please don't make them waste time and money by having to go through all the abandoned passes. If you submitted your application after July 1, the passes issued were temporary (had names written not printed). Once you confirm next year, we will issue permanent passes. If you have a temporary pass and did not submit after July 1, when you confirm next year it will have an option to request a permanent pass.

RAINBOW POOL PARTY: If you don't know, the Rainbow pool party is the big, annual, end-of-summer bash where families can celebrate and enjoy good music, ice cream, snacks, games and prizes, a night swim in the pool, and so much fun!This event is ideal for anyone young at heart who enjoys silly things like unicorns, pirates, and rainbows. So join us this Saturday, 8-10 pm to say goodbye to summer!!!

News and Information


The Board has agreed that no areas of the Association's parking lots or streets may be used for picking up or dropping off children going to schools. It creates a number of safety issues for pedestrians and imposes undue burden on residents. The HOA will be working with local law enforcement to enforce this.


We are cleaning out the basement of the Exeter Stone Clubhouse to make safety and security improvements. We need help getting the miscellaneous items and boxes moved to a dumpster. This is a great opportunity to get service hours. Email us for more details and specifics. To residents, please be cautious around the area while vehicles are moving and watch for children.


Just a friendly reminder that the last day the pool will be open is Monday, September 2. We hope you all enjoyed the season and we are looking forward to even more improvements next year! Please consider helping volunteer to close down the pool and join the pool committee.

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