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Welcome to the Pool!

Last Pool Day - Labor Day, September 4!

  • Closing Weekend Hours (September 1st through 4th), 11am - 8pm

Pool Passes

All residents are required to have a pool pass to enter the pool. Important notes are below: 

  • We are pleased to announce that in-season registration is now open! 

  • Allow up to one week for applications to be processed.

  • Please use the button below to start your registration/renewal!

  • If renewing your membership, be sure to register all members of your household
    when you submit your application. 
    Old passes for unregistered patrons will be voided
    if not registered and purchase of a new pass will be required to add them later at a cost of $5.

  • NEW! We have a new design for pool passes this year!

  • NEW! If you purchase a new/replacement pass this year, you will receive it in the mail
    (no more picking up passes at the guard hut)

  • NEW! There is now a convenient ePass option! Your phone is your pass - no more
    turning the house upside down looking for passes!


  • I used the pool last year, do I need to register again?

    • Yes - Every patron needs to register or renew each year.​

  • I still have my passes from last year, do I need to get an updated pass?​

    • No - If you want to reuse your pass from last year, just select the 'Reactivate Existing Pass' option in the registration.  If you have lost your pass, are new to the community, or just want one of the spiffy new designs - select the 'New Picture Pass' option in the registration form.  New passes are $5 each.​

  • Does the ePass option cost anything?​

    • No - whether you are reactivating an old pass, or purchasing a new one, you will receive a courtesy ePass​

  • Do I have to use an ePass?​

    • No - this is an option available to you, but if you prefer, you can still just use a physical pass.​

If you have any questions related to pool registration please email

Guest Passes

The following policies apply: 

  • Each home is provided 20 free guest passes per season. 

  • No more than 5 guest passes may be used on one visit.

  • All guest passes are digital and can be used by presenting your pool pass. Just tell the lifeguard how many guests you have.  Guards can also tell you how many passes you have remaining.

New Pass.png

Other Information

Pool Phone Number: 703-779-2235
Pool Capacity: 150 people (may vary based on lifeguard availability)

Pool Rules: Click Here for Pool Rules.
Pool Hours: Monday-Sunday, 11 am - 8 pm*
Pool Dates: Dates for the 2023 season to be announced.
*Hours will be limited to 5-8 pm on Mondays through Fridays on school days

*Closing Weekend Hours (September 1st through 4th), 11am - 8pm
Swim Team Closures*
*Unless otherwise noted, the pool will still be open to residents during Swim team evening practices. This list is when the pool will be closed to residents.

​Swim Meets (Pool Closed)

  • June 10 (7 am - 11 am) - Saturday

  • June 14 (4:30 pm - 10 pm) - Wednesday

  • June 24 (7 am - 11 am) - Saturday

  • June 28 (4:30 pm - 10 pm) - Wednesday

  • July 8 (7 am - 11 am) - Saturday

  • July 12 (4:30 - 10 pm) - Wednesday

Swim Team Practices (Pool open to Members)

  • May 30 - June 16

    • 4:45 pm - 8 pm (M-Th)​

Weather and Other Emergency Closures
Please register for our newsletter to get the most accurate and up to date information. If it becomes necessary to close the pool a notice will be sent out to everyone that has registered to receive the newsletter. 

About Our Pool
Exeter has a beautiful swimming pool that is sure to cool you down on even the hottest August day! With an Olympic size pool, we have the largest in Leesburg. And the pool is complete with features, including a sandy beach slope for the young ones, a waterfall mushroom, a gigantic shade umbrella, eating areas, a wading toddler pool, 3 lap lanes, lounge chairs, lots of tables, a friendly life guard hut, lots of shady umbrellas, a beautiful pool house equipped with sinks and showers, and a beautiful pergola. 

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