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The best way to achieve transparency is to make sure that you provide the tools and processes to everyone that can keep an organization accountable...

Exeter Homeowners Association has been undergoing a transparency renaissance in the last few years. The Association is dedicated to creating a digital record and process control using the website so that every aspect of how the Association does is available to residents. We started with meeting minutes and records, which can be found under Minutes, to make sure homeowners know what is happening in their community. We have also ensured that all of the Association's governing documents, resolutions, and rules are available online, available under General Docs. Now, we are focusing on improving the ability of residents to submit forms and applications, such as for pool passes and architectural modification, available under Forms. And now we have a complete repository of information dedicated the Architectural process, under Architectural. 

Do you see something missing or something we can improve on? Don't hesitate to let us know at

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