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Exeter Update: April 2021


Board of Directors April 22, 7 p.m. Architectural Review Board April 15, 7 p.m.

Landscaping Committee May 1, 9 a.m. Pool Committee May 1, 10 a.m.

All meetings will be held virtually with links provided to access the meetings available via


Spring Inspections! Spring Inspections started today and will take place over the next three weeks. The HOA will be sending two rounds of letters, one for grounds and landscaping items at first and a second to address home issues. Please make sure to address these issues as soon as possible to avoid violations and loss of privileges. Any concerns about the items noted in the inspection can be communicated to us via

Proxies in the Mail The Annual Meeting is quickly approaching and we need your help to make sure it can happen. The proxie you receive can be used to vote and help achieve the much needed quorum to hold the meeting. We need around 100 proxies, otherwise the Association has to pay to mail out proxies a second time, an waste of funds. You can even complete your proxy online in less than 2 minutes using the resident code on the proxy you receive by mail at This year, we'll also be giving away two $25 gift certificates to Solo's Pizzeria to two random residents who return their proxies by May 1st.

March Meeting Summary The following select actions were taken at the latest meeting. Full minutes are available here.

  • The Board is working with the Eagles Swim Team to ensure a successful summer.

  • Repairs will be made to the pool white coat this season and a full replacement is being considered for the fall.

  • The Town of Leesburg is working with the Association to step up vehicular enforcement and install needed signage in certain areas.

  • The Annual Meeting Proxy, a spring reminder flyer, and notice of membership options to Exeter 1 were approved.

  • The Board approved contracts for the pond work, which is expected to being in summer 2021 and be completed no later than in the fall.

Clean Behind Fences During the start of inspections, we noted that many residences in the town home section have trash cans, wood piles, and other objects up against their fences or on the border to their property. The Association's Landscaping Management company can not access those areas to cut around the objects, leaving swaths of uncut grass that can contribute to unwanted growth, mosquito breeding, and nuisance areas. Please ensure you are removing these items and storing them in your yard or dispose of them. Common areas can not be used for storage.

Pool Season Is Coming! We are so very happy to announce that our pool will be open again this year after the hiatus of 2020!! The Pool Committee is hard at work making sure Exeter can meet all the requirements needed to open, but we need your help!

  • Volunteers are needed to help clean up and prepare the pool on April 24 from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.

  • Applications for new pool passes and replacement passes need to be submitted by May 1st to be ready by opening day.

  • Even if you already have passes, you need to renew them by May 15th.

  • Because of COVID restrictions, space and availability will be limited and residents must sign up ahead of time.

  • Many big rules are different than in years prior, please make sure to review them before going.

  • Pool pass applications, sign ups, the changing rules around pool opening will all available at

Monthly Minutes In accordance with emergency legislation allowing Homeowners Associations to suspend the need for in-person meetings during a state-of-emergency, and given the nature of the emergency that makes it impracticable and unsafe to assemble in a single location at this time, all Board meetings were held electronically and notification was provided by email. As such, the records and minutes of those meetings are available here.

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