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August Update

Announcements and Reminders

  • On August 22nd, school will be back in session! Please remember to be observant and respectful of both buses and all our little residents walking to school! Watch out at cross walks and remember that on a divided highway like Battlefield, traffic should stop on the same side of the road for a stopped bus, but not on the other side. 

  • Next week we will be celebrating Lifeguard Appreciation Week in Exeter, from August 5-11. Being a lifeguard is a tough job in the summer heat, but they do a fantastic job keeping our residents safe while swimming. Please join us in showing your appreciation by providing them with small treats throughout the week such as desserts, drinks, or other tasty snacks. We really appreciate the hard work they do!

School Drop Offs

This year, the HOA will be again stepping up enforcement of the Barnfield Terrace parking lot and other areas with additional signs and coordination with the schools and Leesburg Police Department. Vehicles should not be parking in the fire lanes or blocking traffic. Townhome parking areas are for residents only and pick-ups/drop-offs should happen in the school parking lots only. Remember, people live here and we should respect that!

Pond Update

We are moving ahead with work on the pond to meet the compliance requirements from the Department of Conservation and Recreation. Several engineers and technical staff have been and will continue to be in the area taking measurements. Our efforts for planning and analysis are well underway and we are working with the Commonwealth and Town to coordinate the permitting needed for this project. We hope to begin the required tree removal in the fall of all trees along the berm.

Trash Can and Car Placement

Want a nicer curb appeal? Well, trash can placement and pulling cars over the curb are killing the grass in our medians. The landscapers also can't cut, trim, or spray for weeds under and around cars. Make sure cars are not pulled past the curb, try to drive in (rather than back in), and check out the handy picture here for tips on trash can placement to help keep our know, green! This information is passed along from our expert landscapers.

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