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April 2022 Newsletter



  • Spring is in the air! Don't let the smell of pet waste overpower the smell of spring flowers in our community! Please bag and properly dispose of pet waste every time.


  • Storm Drain Marker Inventory & Assessments. With over 6,000 storm sewer inlets in the Town of Leesburg, it is extremely difficult for our Inspection Staff to visually check each inlet on a regular basis. Volunteers can keep us updated on the condition of inlets in their neighborhoods and around town. By just walking your neighborhood and noting if storm sewer inlets have storm drain markers and what condition they are in, you can provide the Town with valuable information about our storm sewer system. We will provide a map with inlet locations and a checklist. Once you have completed your inventory, just email or fax us the form. If you notice inlets in need of repair, missing storm drain markers, or blocked with vegetation or trash, our Street Division will be notified to make repairs. Register online at Keep Leesburg Beautiful Volunteer Registration | Leesburg, VA (


  • We know that trash is an issue that can pop up out of nowhere! Trash pickup is managed by Patriot Disposal, a contractor with the Town of Leesburg. Homeowners should schedule trash pickups through Patriot by calling 703-771-6677 or emailing Please remember not to set trash out until the night before pickup.

  • If you find abandoned trash that has been sitting for more than 3 days or trash or debris that is hazardous or dangerous, please report the location and the Association will review if it's scheduled for pickup. Report it here at Trash Form (


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