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Townhome Sealcoating Scheduled

Dominion Paving & Sealing Inc. has been hired to perform work within your community. We will be performing crack sealing, seal coating, and re-striping of your roadways and parking spaces. This project will prolong the life of your asphalt surfaces as well as improve aesthetics in your community. Once completed, this project will not need to be done again for some time. We ask for your patience and understanding while we work in your neighborhood.

Your property will be broken down into 8 Sections as shown on the accompanying map and is scheduled for the dates below

Aug. 29th – Sept.7th -Crack sealing within all Sections (minimal impact to traffic, no parking restrictions)

Sept. 6th - Sealcoating/Striping Section 1 YELLOW Area on Map (NO PARKING 24 HR)

Sept. 8th - Sealcoating/Striping Section 2 AQUA Area on Map (NO PARKING 24 HR) Sept. 11th - Sealcoating/Striping Section 3 RED Area on Map (NO PARKING 24 HR) Sept. 13th - Sealcoating/Striping Section 4 BLUE Areas on Map (NO PARKING 24 HR) Sept. 15th - Sealcoating/Striping Section 5 GREEN Areas on Map (NO PARKING 24 HR) Sept. 18th - Sealcoating/Striping Section 6 PINK Areas on Map (NO PARKING 24 HR) Sept. 20th - Sealcoating/Striping Section 7 WHITE Areas on Map (NO PARKING 24 HR) Sept. 22nd - Sealcoating/Striping Section 8 PURPLE Areas on Map (NO PARKING 24 HR)

Each Sealcoating Section will close at 7:00 am and will remain closed for 24 hours.

Things to Remember

Parking – All vehicles must be out of the affected parking areas by 7:00 AM on days when work is scheduled. Any vehicles not moved by 7:00 AM will be towed.

Vehicular Traffic – No traffic will be allowed on the parking lots and roadways during the time your section is closed. Please abide by all barricades and signs; they are for your safety!

Pedestrians/Pets – Please stay off of the asphalt while the section is closed. Walking through wet sealer will result in tracking of the product onto concrete sidewalks and even into your homes. This is costly to clean and is not the responsibility of Dominion Paving & Sealing or Property Management.

Weather – All dates are weather dependent. In the event of rain, we will be forced to cancel the project for that day. You will be notified when your parking lot has been rescheduled.

Driveway/Garage Parking – You may park in your driveway while we are working, but please realize that the roads will be closed starting at 7:00 am and any vehicles parked in your driveway will be blocked in for 24 hours. You cannot pull into or out of your driveway once we have begun seal coating.

We thank you again for your patience and understanding as we complete this important project in your community.

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