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Pool and Facilities Update

POOL PASSES DUE MAY 15 If you already have a pool pass, you still need to renew. Click here if this is your first time getting passes. ​Click here if you already have passes. Click here if you need new passes or were issued temporary passes.

POOL SEASON STATUS The Association has received and reviewed multiple inputs from both our contractors as well as state and local officials. As of today, Governor Northam has announced that Loudoun County, which includes Exeter, will not be reopening for Phase 1 until at least May 28. Once Phase 1 is active, the pool would be limited by law to less than 10 individuals, no tables or chairs would be available for use, and individuals in the pool would only be able to swim laps, according to the latest guidance released from the Commonwealth. We have not received specific guidance on the requirements for private pools beyond Phase 1, which would likely run through the end of June. Accordingly, the Association will continue to prepare for a pool season that follows the guidance of state and local authorities. However, the Board will review the potential rules and policies for the pool and whether the pool can be opened at all at the next Board meeting. The Board will review whether it considers reopening of the pool to be cost-effective and safe for all residents. We will continue to update residents with the latest information. We highly recommend homeowners continue to submit pool passes and review the rules to ensure they are prepared for the pool season. 

FACILITIES STATUS Despite recent information suggesting all Virginians would enter Phase 1 of the reopening plan, Governor Northam announced today that Northern Virginia, including Loudoun County and Exeter, will not begin reopening processes until May 28. Accordingly all playgrounds, recreational courts, the clubhouse, the pool, and other facilities will remain closed until at least this time. The Board of Directors will review the Phase 1 reopening guidelines to determine the best strategy for Exeter to reopen at the next Board meeting. As a community, we may have to continue closures of certain facilities for a prolonged period based on these guidelines. Please remain aware of all information that is relayed from the Board to residents. Please continue to observe all signage and respect all locked facilities until such time as we can safely reopen these assets.  Thank you for your patience during this difficult time and please continue to stay safe.

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