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About Us

We want you to know that this is your community, that when you are here it should always feel like home.

Exeter Homeowner's Association is a world-class community filled with a truly diverse collection of people from all over with a host of skills and talents, that comes together to make this a place worth loving.

We strive to keep everything in great shape, which is why we feature over six standing committees and a dedicated Board of Directors.

Living in Northern Virginia isn't just an experience, it's a lifestyle. Our community is unlike any other you're ever likely to meet. We want you to live, love, and explore!

A picture is worth a thousand words, and these words will write the lifetime of memories you and your family will cherish forever. See what it's like, where a neighborhood becomes family.

Where you come from is just as important as where you're going. Exeter is steeped in a rich historical tradition dating back centuries.