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October Update

Questions, comments, concerns? Email us at hoa@exeterhoa.com.



  • Check out our new logo! Yep, that's the awesome image right up there at the top! A special thank you for the beautiful new logo created by Brenda Stoltz of Ariad Partners, a digital marketing and technology company that helps businesses get found online! She generated nearly 100 potential logos for Exeter, pro bono.
  • There is no change to the trash and recycling schedule next week, despite the holiday. Trash and recycling will still be picked up on Tuesday!
  • Lots of changes are in store for the fall, find the full report on the landscaping, playgrounds, courts, and more below.



OCT 12   Landscaping Committee Meeting

Friday, October 12 at 5:00 p.m, Exeter Stone Clubhouse

OCT 18   Architectural Review Board Meeting

Thursday, October 18 at 7:00 p.m., Exeter Stone Clubhouse

OCT 19   Pool Committee Meeting

Friday, October 19 at 5:00 p.m, Exeter Stone Clubhouse

OCT 25   Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday, October 25 at 7:00 p.m., Exeter Stone Clubhouse

CANCELED   Fall Festival and Halloween Party

Unfortunately due to lack of volunteers and other issues, we have to cancel this event.


For more details on upcoming events, please visit Exeter Events.



Community Projects

At the September Board of Directors meeting, the Board approved the following projects based on feedback from the community and committees:

  • Convert the southern tennis courts into double basketball courts and replace fencing.
  • Replace drainage area fencing along Plaza Street. 
  • Remediate wood-line growth along the rear of homes on Stoneledge Place and Warrenton Terrace.
  • Remove the broken basketball hoops and poles until the Board decides on a use for the current basketball court. The court will be sealed off until renovations are complete.
  • Remove a large number of dead or dying trees that are marked and remediate the areas to green space.
  • Repair the Stableview tot lot and convert the former Radford tot lot area into open green space.
  • Upgrade all Association street lights with LED bulbs and repair of lights around the clubhouse and on Hedgestone Terrace.
  • Install new chains at the clubhouse/pool emergency access driveway and change clubhouse procedures to no longer allow rentals to park there.
  • Adopting new requirements and guidelines on trash as part of the Exeter Homeowners Handbook.
The following projects are currently ongoing in our community:
  • Sign replacements for fire lane, stop signs, and pet waste signs. Please note this does not include all signs, only those in need of repair along parking areas and streets in the townhome section. This also includes removal of some obsolete signs.
  • A review of common areas for erosion and drainage control.
  • Review and potential replacement of benches.
  • Relocation of select trash cans in the townhomes.
  • Review of all Association contracts.
  • Review of common areas and facilities for improvements in the fall and spring 2019.


Resolve a Serious Issue, Fast

Having a neighbor who won't take of their homes can be a huge eye sore, invite pests, invite vandalism, and even damage your property value. The Association does all it can to resolve issues with nuisance issues, but sometimes that process can be long, cost the Association, and may even be outside the ability of the Association to resolve. The Town of Leesburg has a Nuisance Issue reporting page that allows you to file with the Town to remediate certain issues (and keep track of their status) such as:

  • Abandoned property, tall grass, property not being maintained
  • Nuisance animals
  • Commercial vehicle parking on public streets in residential neighborhoods
  • Excessive occupancy
  • Illegal outdoor storage, construction debris, or discharge of materials into storm drains
  • Inoperable vehicles parked on public streets, parked off street, parked in a yard, or blocking a public sidewalk
  • Noise complaints
  • Non-permitted construction
  • Prohibited home-based businesses
  • Trash and debris along roadways
  • Trees and branches blocking sight lines and signs
  • Unsafe and unsanitary conditions

For more info on this service, check out: https://www.leesburgva.gov/how-do-i/report/nuisance-issue



Submitted by Christopher A. Tuck,
Chairman, Communications Committee
Exeter Homeowners Association