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The minutes of HOA Board of Directors meetings are generally posted within 1 week of the following month's BOD meeting.  If you are an Exeter resident, and would like a complete copy of the minutes, (Contact) the Property Management People, Inc.
The annual budget is posted by Jan 1. of each year.
Current Fiscal Year Budget: 2018 Budget
Latest BOD meeting minutes:  Current Minutes
2004: 2005: 2006: 2007: 2008: 2009:
Jan.  Jan.  Jan.  Jan.  Jan. Jan.
Feb.  Feb.  Feb.  Feb.  Feb. Feb.
Mar.  Mar.  Mar.  Mar.  Mar. Mar.
Apr.  Apr.  Apr.  Apr.  Apr. Apr.
May  May  May  May  May May
Jun.  Jun.  Jun.  Jun.  Jun. Jun.
Jul.  Jul.  Jul.  Jul.  Jul. Jul.
Aug.  Aug.  Aug.  Aug.  Aug. Aug.
Sep.  Sep.  Sep.  Sep.  Sep. Sep.
Oct.  Oct.  Oct.  Oct.  Oct. Oct.
Nov./Dec.  Nov./Dec.  Nov./Dec.  Nov./Dec.  Nov./Dec. Nov./Dec.
Annual Annual Annual Annual Annual Annual
 N.A.  N.A.  N.A.
2010: 2011: 2012: 2013: 2014: 2015:
 Jan. Jan.  Jan.  Jan.  Jan.  Jan.
 Feb.  Feb. Feb.  Feb.  Feb.  Feb.
 Mar.  Mar.  Mar.  Mar.  Mar.
 Apr.  Apr.  Apr.  Apr.  Apr.  Apr.
 May  May  May  May  May  May & Special
 Jun.  Jun.  Jun.  Jun.  Jun.  Jun.
 Jul.  Jul.  Jul.  Jul.  Jul.  Jul.
 Aug.  Aug.  Aug.  Aug.  Aug.  Aug.
 Sep.  Sep.  Sep.  Sep.  Sep.  Sep. & Special
 Oct.  Oct.  Oct.  Oct.  Oct.  Oct.
Annual Annual Annual Annual & Special Annual Annual
 Nov./Dec. Nov./Dec.  Nov./Dec.  Nov./Dec.  Nov./Dec.  Nov./Dec.
 2012 Budget  2013 Budget  2014 Budget  2015 Budget
2016: 2017: 2018:      
Jan. Jan. Jan.      
Feb. Feb. Feb.      
Mar. Mar. Mar.      
Apr. Apr. Apr.      
May May May      
Jun. Jun. Jun.      
Jul. No Meeting Jul. Jul.      
Aug. Aug. Aug.      
Sep. No Meeting Sept. Sept.      
Oct. Oct.      
Nov./Dec. & Special Nov/Dec Nov/Dec      
Annual Annual Annual      
2016 Budget 2017 Budget 2018 Budget      
NOTE:  Minutes of the HOA Board meetings that are posted on this web site beginning in December 2004 will be abridged minutes provided in a format intended to protect the privacy of the residents of Exeter.