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Recurring Documents  
Annual Meeting Minutes By request
Annual Budget FY 2019
Board of Director Meeting Minutes By Request
Architectural Review Board Meeting Minutes By Request
Grounds Committee Meeting Minutes By Request
Architectural Modification Request Oct 2009
Architectural Completion Notification Oct 2009
Clubhouse Rental Application and Facilities Use Agreement Apr 2018
Committee Nomination Oct 2009
HOA Fees Debit Authorization Mar 2011
Pool Registration Form Apr 2018
2018 Proxy Feb 2018
General Documents
Exeter Homeowners Handbook Dec 2014
Articles of Incorporation Dec 2014
Association By-Laws Dec 2014
Association By-Laws, Second Amendment Dec 2014
Declaration of Covenants Dec 2014
Pool Rules Dec 2014
Basketball and Tennis Court Rules May 1996
Violation Enforcement Guidelines Dec 2014
Exeter Map Dec 2014
Administrative Resolutions
A03-001  Assessment Collection Procedures Mar 2003
A03-002  Fox Chase Assessment Mar 2003
A03-003  Rights & Responsibilities Jul 2003
A03-004  Landscaping Committee Jul 2003
A04-001  Committee Operating Procedures Apr 2004
A04-002  Community Events Committee Apr 2004
A04-003  Pool Committee Aug 2004
A12-001 Adopting Association Complaint Procedures Aug 2012
Policy Resolutions
A98-001 Procurement of Contractors Sep 2001
A98-002 Emergency Expenditures Sep 2001
A98-004 Open Board of Directors Meeting Jul 1998
A98-006 Local Advertising Jul 1998
A98-007 Finance Committee Sep 2001
A98-009 Abstentions Sep 1998
A98-012 Board Liaisons Sep 1998
A98-013 Contract Point of Contact Sep 1998
A99-016 Conflicts of Interest Mar 1999
A99-017 Code of Ethics Mar 1999
C98-005 Memorial Day Poll Pass Enforcement Jul 1998
F98-003 Waiver of Assessment Late Fees Jul 1998
F98-010 Petty Cash Sep 1998
F98-011 Investments Sep 1998
P04-01 Book of Resolutions Feb 2004
P05-001 Violation Enforcement Guidelines Dec 2005
P12-001 Delinquent Assessment Payments Oct 2012
P15-001 Code of Conduct Board of Directors Mar 2015