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Your Help Is Needed:

Volunteers make the world go round.  Youth sports programs, schools, hospitals, and public safety could not function without volunteers.  Our community is no different.  Whether its flowers around the pool deck, our events, or hiring contractors to mow the lawn, volunteers make it happen.  Been there, done that?  Consider another shift.  Never been involved?  No better time than now.  Please consider the following committees:


The HOA Board meets monthly, usually on the fourth Thursday, at the Clubhouse at 7:00 p.m.
The Exeter Homeowners Association has a seven (7) member Board of Directors who serve staggered three (3) year terms. At the Annual Meeting each year, Board positions are elected. The Board of Directors meets monthly. All decisions, financial or otherwise, are made by the Board. This includes items such as the Annual Budget, all acceptance of contracting bids and the purchase of any items recommended by the Committees.
  • Christopher Tuck, President
  • Andrew Dunn, Vice President
  • Misha Ptak, Treasurer
  • Jeremy Williams, Secretary
  • Shannon Cook, Member at Large
  • Matthew Smith, Member at Large

ARB meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. at the Exeter clubhouse every third Thursday of each month.
ARB Members:
The Architectural Review Board (ARB) members are all volunteer Exeter single family and townhouse homeowners who have an interest in maintaining the high aesthetic and architectural standards of our community. Any Exeter homeowner in good standing (current in their assessment payments and with no outstanding architectural or covenant violations) may become a member and any Exeter homeowner can participate in the meetings. The ARB has an ARB committee elected president, vice president and secretary.
According to the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions Article VIII:
" The Architectural Review Board shall regulate the external design, the appearance and locations of the Property and improvements thereon in such a manner so as to preserve and enhance values and to maintain harmonious relationship among structures and the natural vegetation and topography."
The ARB applies and interprets the Architectural Regulations as outlined in the Exeter Homeowners Association Homeowners Handbook. Members do not police or enforce the guidelines. Enforcement is the responsibility of the community management company. The ARB can recommend regulation modifications, revisions, or deletion, however, only the Board of Directors can change a regulation.
Voting Privileges:
A new member is not eligible to vote immediately; voting rights are granted at the third meeting. A new member shall receive an ARB binder at the second consecutive meeting attended. ARB members are approved by the Board of Directors. Yearly elections for president, vice president and secretary are held at the June meeting.